Dedication of Old Collegian’s Court

The lawn and gardens out from the dining room and deck, and between Dowling and Han wings, will be dedicated as Old Collegian’s Court at the upcoming Open House event.

In future, each leaving cohort of Cromwellians will place a physical artefact within the Court, providing a permanent, prominent object of which they can take ownership.   

“We felt the dedication of a space to Old Collegians would allow current students to remember those who have gone before them. Such a space provides students with a sense of community, one in which they can more easily place themselves as part of a larger and longer history and tradition,” says COCA President Joanne Landmark.

The idea of the dedication came from the Cromwell Old Collegian’s Association and was met with unanimous approval by the Board of Governors.  Dr Joe Goodall, Chairperson of the Board of Governors, believes the dedication will be the beginning of an important annual event. “The act of dedicating the space and then of placing an artefact each year provides an opportunity for the Cromwell Old Collegian’s Association and the wider Cromwell community to join in celebrating the passing of residents to old collegians who will remain always part of the Cromwell fabric.”   

The student body have lent the dedication their support.  “There is currently no inclusive, student-led act of leaving a mark at Cromwell. Not everyone can see themselves and their time at college reflected on the walls of Bunker. This space and an artefact will give returning students a natural focal point for recollection and reflection,” said Student President Troy Stark.   

We are very honoured to have Reverend Harold Kilah perform the dedication.  Rev Kilah is a Cromwellian (1971 – 1976), served on the Board of Governors for a period after leaving Cromwell and was also the Minister of the St Lucia Uniting Church.

The dedication of Old Collegian’s Court will happen at 3.30pm, 21st October as part of Open House, a new event designed for the College to host and welcome alumni and parents.

To find more about Open House please visit the Facebook event page. Dinner will be available from 5.30pm, and those interested are asked to RSVP here for catering purposes.