CromWellness Week continued.....

......Wednesday of CromWellness week saw psychologist Sheldon Pace return to college to talk about the serious issue of suicide and further his discussion on the most common mental health issues. Although this topic was intimidating, Sheldon agreed that it was important to open it up and start conversation - as was the point of the week. Once again, a large number of people turned up to the chapel and the night was a success with many questions asked and lots of conversation started!  

Thursday was another interesting topic of sex, sexuality and gender. Silvie Giguere, an ex Women’s student and last year's Vice President of NAAUC, delivered a talk, educating us all of the vast spectrum that is sexuality as well as explaining some of the reasons that Cromwell has an equity policy.  

Friday the theme steered away from mental health and we looked at sexual health. Joseph Debastita from Queensland Health was an incredible speaker and made the evening so entertaining. We learned about the hard and true facts of sexual health diseases and tests for our demographic. He also gave us an insight into the new scheme that Queensland Health have started of being able to order an chlamydia testing kit online.  

Saturday was all about relaxation. As it was a very busy day for Cromwell sport, we had a yoga instructor come in and give an hour's class in the dining hall. Everybody remarked afterwards that they felt rejuvenated and so motivated for the day - which was great to hear! (Melissa Morshead - Student Vice President)