Cromwell Spirit at ICC Rowing Regatta

It's widely regarded amongst the Colleges that the ICC Regatta is one of the premiere events on the college sporting calendar, and this year's event certainly lived up to these expectations.  On Sunday 25 May, five Cromwell ladies teams and six men's teams were cheered by dozens of Cromwell students and staff supporters gathered at Somerville House Boat House on a picturesque and hot autumn day.

With eleven races spread over the day culminating in the men's 1st XIII, the opportunity was provided for a large contingent of supporters to show their enthusiasm and encouragement for the rowers.  In every division, from the fifths through to the firsts, the Cromwell crews put in their all, and demonstrated to the competition their dedication, and their improvement through the bi-weekly trainings.  Although the results were mixed, none could doubt that the Cromwell rowers put in their absolute best, demonstrating true Crommie Ticker.

The ICC facilitated an entertainment area as well, where students and alumni could soak up the atmosphere on a deck with a  live band overlooking the river.

A special mention must be given to the coaches, Harry and Robbo, who were dedicated and expert in their training, as well as to all the rowers and student and staff supporters who took part in the day.  With a large contingent of first and second year students mixed in with the third years in the rowing teams, it is certain the future of Cromwell Rowing is in good (although callused!) hands.

Ben "Business" McNamara

(3rd Year Engineering - Sunshine Coast)

(leff to right) Andrew McMahon, Christopher Bowman, Melissa Morshead, Jack Trippick and Madison Simmons

(left to right) Kelly Burgess, Katika Lipp, Maddison Dovey, Louise Evans and Ashlea McKenzie

(left to right) Mitchell King, Greg Milne, Peter Pugno, Zane Jhetam, Tom Shannon, Ramey Othman, Emily Woolcott, Taylor Burgess, Pearson Hart, Ross Switzer and Beth Dunbabin

(nearest to farthest) Michael Jamieson, Ben McNamara, Greg Milne, Brodan Tanner, Lachlan Power, Mitchell King (obscured at far end) Zach Brown and Tom Shannon