Cromwell Shines in ICC Oratory Competition

Craig (Mastin) Land gave two impressive speeches representing Cromwell College at the Inter-College Oratory Competition last night. His preparation, confidence and talent showed through when speaking on the prepared topic “Silver Lining.”  After all ten competitors (one from each College) had spoken, it was time for the impromptu speeches. Speakers had just thirty seconds to prepare a speech on either “Little White Lie” or “Fair Dinkum Aussie.” Craig’s skills as a Law student came to the fore here as he delivered an excellent presentation. Cromwell was placed fourth in the competition out of the ten colleges, which is an outstanding result against some brilliant competition.  We are all very proud of Craig and his efforts. He joined Cromwell from Townsville last year as a first year student, and now serves as an Academic Mentor at Cromwell. Congratulations go to The Women’s College who won this year’s ICC Oratory Competition, and to Grace and Emmanuel Colleges who came second and third respectively.