Cromwell Fresher Rugby defeats St Leo’s College

This year, Cromwell College has had a strong interest and participation in the UQ Colleges’ sporting scene. This includes U20 Rugby Union, known as Fresher (1st Years) Rugby.

Being the smallest co-educational college, players are always hard to find each year. However, this year we have 21 1st year boys keen to play, and they have all put a huge effort into the three games played so far. The U20’s Rugby UQ College Sport competition comprises five games. These are against the other co-educational colleges (Emmanuel, Union and St. Johns) along with the two all male colleges (Kings and St. Leo’s).

The team has played three competition games, winning one, against St Leo’s College with a score of 14-10. This was a huge achievement, considering St Leo’s is an all-male college with twice the number of boys as Cromwell. Despite the effort in the other two games, our boys weren’t able to come away with a win. These results are very commendable due to the majority of the team never having seeing a rugby ball before!

The next two games are against Emmanuel College (Wednesday 27th April) and St. John’s College (Wednesday 4th May). The co-educational games are always very close games and we wish our boys good luck in these last two games of the season.

Cromwell College support is always very high at rugby games (Photo: Andrew McMahon)

The Fresher rugby team defending in the St. Leo’s game (Photo: Andrew McMahon)