Cromwell Debating Team Success

Cromwell College has always been excellent at Debating.  However, this year our debaters have exceeded all of our expectations.  They competed and won against The Women's College, Duchesne College, Grace College and Emmanuel College, resulting in Cromwell being undefeated, and going through to the semi-finals.  Debating collects a large amount of ICC points so our Cultural Convener, Matthew Ambrose, was absolutely over the moon and extremely proud of our debaters.  In the semi-final they competed against St John's College in our very own Chapel which collected a lot of Crommie Ticker as most students showed up to support.  Sadly Cromwell was no longer undefeated after this debate, however the whole College is so proud of the team for making it to the semi-finals.  It is a huge achievement.  Overall, the 2014 debating season was a great success, with thanks in particular to Matt McMahon, Isaac Chesters, Daniel Hoole, Alexandra Newton, Georgina Auton and Morgaine Auton and to all our supporters.

Prue "Upgrade" Stubbs

(2nd Year Nursing / Midwifery - Sunshine Coast)