Crommie Fresher then, Crommie Fresher now

Top Thatcher, a place that I had never heard of before my first day as a Cromwell fresher.  Certainly I would have not been able to imagine that precisely 30 years later that I would have been dropping off an extraordinary (clearly takes after my wife, Jodi) young daughter to Cromwell. 

I look back at my time at Cromwell and recognise it was such a great place to grow as person and that during my three years I gained friendships that would last my lifetime.  Including my best man who I met during my O’Week just two standard rooms away in Lockley and even though he is now Seattle based, we still catch up most years when he sojourns back to Brisbane.  The academic support provided by living at Cromwell can only be understood by residents, with the UQ Commerce Degree that I studied laying the foundations for a finance career both in Australia and overseas and even to an interval as an elected representative. 

Cassia (Pop), you’ve met your parent’s common friends who unsuspectingly introduced your parents to each other, but if you are interested to know, “where I meet your mother”, literally meters away in my then college room at, Bottom Thatcher.

Reg Gulley 1988-1990