BEL Academic Breakfast with Cromwell alumni Stewart Glynn

On Wednesday 6th September Stewart Glynn visited the College to meet with a small group of students from the BEL Faculty. Stewart is an Old Cromwellian, having attended the college from 2006 – 2008.During  his time at the college he was a Social Convenor and studied business, banking and finance at QUT.

Following his departure from Cromwell Stewart worked for GE in Sydney as a Financial Management Program Associate before moving back to Brisbane to work with KPMG in Brisbane as a Mergers and Acquisitions Manager. Stewart is currently the investment manager at Transition Level Investments. Transition Level has participated in over 20 seed and Series A investments focusing on fast-growth Australian technology and innovation companies. Of interest is that Stewart’s boss is Steve Baxter from the TV program, “Shark Tank”. 

Stewart provided some great advice regarding how to stand out when applying for jobs when seeking future employment. He encouraged the students in attendance to gain a broad variety of experience in the areas of study that the students had whilst at College. This could involve internships or working in unpaid positions just to gain experience. This would assist them in deciding on an area of work that they may enjoy and provide them with a healthy CV. Stewart also highlighted the importance of developing professional and personal networks as early as possible since he has found this invaluable in opening up job opportunities.

Many thanks to the Academic Mentor for the BEL Faculty, Jessica Griffiths, who made arrangements for the breakfast.