Alison Ariotti Shares Insight into the Field of Journalism

On Wednesday 9 September students studying Journalism or Communication had the opportunity to meet with Alison Ariotti, an Old Cromwellian, who currently works as a newsreader with Channel Nine in Brisbane. Alison spoke about the start of her media career as a reporter for NBN in Northern New South Wales. In 2000 Alison moved to Cairns where she took on a Chief of Staff responsibility for WIN television. Since 2004 she has worked with Channel Nine and currently presents Nine News Queensland in Brisbane. Alison gave students a wonderful insight into the life of a journalist, reporter and news presenter. She gave students a number of valuable tips on how to make their way in the industry, the advantages and disadvantages of her profession and how the industry has changed in its focus, particularly with the availability of social media, over the time that she has been working. The students who attended really  appreciated Alison taking the time to visit and what she had to say.


Journalism Students with Alison Ariotti

(L to R): Morgaine Auton, Sophie Davis, Melissa Harvey, Alison Ariotti, Frank Lawrence, Chris Anderson