Academic Dinner 2017

The annual Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 22 August. Guest Speaker was Mafico Nkosana who founded the Council for Young Africans Living Abroad, promoting future leaders and thinking. Mafico was accompanied by Archford Kahondo (Cromwell 2010-2011) who is currently a Project Manager. The Principal (Ross Switzer) welcomed everyone to the occasion, followed by the presentation of academic awards.

Principal’s Welcome

We are here tonight to recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of the students of Cromwell College. The Cromwell Grade Point Average for first semester 2017 including all 249 students was 5.13. This is a solid result for a small coeducational college that imposes no academic tests for initial enrolment. There were some great results and the following statistics are worth noting. There were 8 Cromwell College students who achieved the perfect score of 7 for every course they studied. 3 of these are first year students. There were 90 grades of 7 awarded across the College, and 200 grades of 6 awarded across the College. 53 students achieved a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or higher. The GPA for both male and female students across the whole college was above 5, with the GPA for both male and female first year students higher than the college average with each gender equal at 5.15. 

The academic support program headed by our Deputy Principal (Michael Crome) and our Senior Tutor (Jaryu Shaw) continues to further expand with college based tutorials being arranged at no cost for students who request them. There are currently 82 subjects in which regular weekly tutorials are offered in the college. These results continue to show that Cromwell is a college with a very strong culture of academic excellence. It is a place where students can achieve to their potential academically, whilst also being involved if they choose in many positive sporting, cultural, social and service opportunities. In short, there is much to celebrate. A night such as tonight commands reflection by all Cromwell students on their academic effort and performance so far this year. Although important and well-earned academic awards will be presented later tonight, I commend those students, award recipients and others, who have really worked to their academic potential so far this year, and achieved personal bests with their studies. It is my hope that tonight may inspire all students to be the best they can be. I welcome you to this special occasion.

Straight 7s (GPA 7.0)

L to R: Michael Crome (Deputy Principal), Carla Newlands, Ally Molachino, Jasmine Burr, Gregor Tims, Bethan Needham, Riley de Jong, Vyasa Bliss, Scarlett Raine, Ross Switzer (Principal)

Vyasa Bliss B Biomedical Science 1st Year All Saints Anglican School Gold Coast
Jasmine Burr B Engineering (Hons) 1st Year International School Bangkok
Riley De Jong B Engineering (Hons) 2nd Year Toowoomba Grammar Toowoomba
Ally Molachino B Architectural Design 1st Year Gilroy Santa Maria College Ingham
Bethan Needham B Nursing/B Midwifery 2nd Year Brisbane Girls Grammar Cleveland, Brisbane
Carla Newlands B Engineering (Hons) 2nd Year Mareeba State High School Mareeba
Scarlet Raine B Engineering (Hons) 2nd Year The Glennie School Toowoomba
Gregor Tims B Economics 2nd Year Sherborne School Dorset, UK

The awards and prizes presented at the Academic Dinner can be found here. To view photos taken on the night, please see our Facebook album.  Sincere thanks to the Board members and guests who gave of their time to attend the Academic Dinner in support of the students, staff and the college.

L to R: Ross Switzer (Principal), Nkosana Mafico, Archford Kahondo