Academic Breakfast with Cristina Cifuentes

This morning a small group of students in the EAIT Faculty met over breakfast with Cristina Cifuentes who is the Director of Oracle Labs in Brisbane. The Lab focuses on Program Analysis as it applies to finding vulnerabilities in software and enhancing the productivity of developers worldwide.

Prior to founding Oracle Labs Australia, Cristina was the Principal Investigator of the Parfait bug tracking project at Sun Microsystems, then Oracle. Today, Oracle Parfait has become the defacto tool used by thousands of Oracle developers for bug and vulnerability detection in real-world, commercially sized C/C++/Java applications. Cristina outlined very clearly her passion for tackling the big issues in the field of Program Analysis began with her doctoral work in binary decompilation at Queensland’s University of Technology. Before she joined Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Cristina held teaching posts at the University of Tasmania and University of Queensland. She spent a number of years working in the Silicon Valley and described the range of different project types as well as personal skills required of software engineers when working in the “start-up” space. Cristina continues to play an active role internationally in her work with programming languages, compiler construction and software. On the weekends, she channels her interests into mentoring young programmers through the CoderDojo network.