Academic Breakfast- Engineering

On Saturday 11th May an Engineering Academic Breakfast was held in the JCR. It was the first time having a breakfast on a Saturday morning and also working in conjunction with COCA to source guests. Students heard from three Cromwellians who have graduated and now work in various engineering contexts: Sam Cridland (2014-2015) a chemical engineer working at the CSIRO, Chris Bowman (2014-2015) a chemical engineer working as a consultant in an accounting firm and Mitchell Burling (2010-2011) an electrical engineer with four year’s work experience, including a graduate role at Santos.

The students who attended were able to hear three different accounts of how each guest decided on engineering as a program at university, what they struggled with while studying and being at college, what their particular engineering interests were, how they secured employment, the importance of networking and developing a resume and details around what they are currently doing at the moment.

A big thank you to Alex Newton, a member of the COCA Committee, for her assistance in organising the morning.