Alumni Ball


Cromwell College is proud of its Alumni. Since 6 June 1954, thousands of people have graduated from the College and gone on to make their mark in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Cromwell Alumni are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Stay connected with Cromwell, old collegians and friends of the College.
  2. Inform the College, old collegians and friends of Cromwell about your accomplishments, endeavours and whereabouts of other old collegians and friends of Cromwell through the “COCA News” publication.
  3. Establish good fellowship between old collegians and friends of Cromwell and between old collegians, friends of Cromwell and current students.
  4. Support active involvement through mentoring and volunteer opportunities.
  5. Promote and advance the interests of the College in all its activities.
  6. Provide a vital link in the fabric of the College family that is essential to the future development and strength of the College.

Cromwell Alumni can greatly assist the College and their peers by:

  1. Updating your contact details when they change to ensure that you receive “COCA News” and invitations to upcoming events. This also allows us to help old collegians to reconnect with you.
  2. Updating the College on how you are going and what you are up to (career, family, travel, special achievements)
  3. Assisting the College to find Old Collegians with whom we have lost contact.
  4. Being a representative for old collegians from your year to advise the College of ideas for possible alumni events that suit the needs of collegians from your era; networking, and advertising upcoming events through your contacts with old collegians and if you wish, help to organize alumni events.
  5. Volunteering. Without the valuable support of volunteers, Cromwell College would not be the College that it is today. If you are interested in helping coordinate reunions, dinners and other special events, please contact the College.
  6. Mentoring current Cromwell students. What better way for a student to learn about a particular career than to hear directly from someone working in that field. A register is being compiled of interested old collegians who would like to share their 'real life' work experiences, skills and knowledge with current students. If you would like to help current students by sharing what professional life is like after Cromwell, please contact the College. 
  7. Contributing material for “COCA News”.
  8. Guest Speaking. Guest speakers at Formal Dinners and other special functions contribute significantly to an entertaining and informative event. The opportunity exists for people, not just old collegians, who you know are notable speakers, to take part. Topics can be as varied as life experiences, careers, current affairs, and time spent at College, with the primary aim of engaging the students. If you would like to volunteer in this way, or know of anyone else, please contact the College.
  9. Supporting current and future students by making a (tax deductable) donation or leaving a bequest to the Cromwell College Foundation.