Gifford Tutorial Room Student Presidents Address

Academic Dinner 2016

This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 23rd August with special guest Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex, who gave a very commanding speech to the students.  Cromwell students performed very well academically with the College Grade Point Average in First Semester being 5.16. The following seven students are to be congratulated for achieving a GPA 7.0 in Semester One:

Riley de Jong B Engineering (Hons)
Georgia Harrison B Biomedical Science Honours
Colin Hitchener B Engineering/B Mathematics
William McCarthy B Economics/B Laws Honours
Taisha Paterson-Burr B Arts/B Education (Sec)
Jaryu Shaw         B Science
Kyle Williams B Science

In Semester One there were 134 grades of 7.0 awarded for courses undertaken by Cromwell students, with a further 244 grades of 6.0 awarded.  There were 60 Cromwell students who achieved a GPA greater than 6.0.  The awards and prizes presented at the Academic Dinner can be found here. Sincere thanks to the Board members and guests who gave of their time to attend the Academic Dinner in support of the students, staff and the college.