Gifford Tutorial Room Student Presidents Address

Academic Excellence

Cromwell College promotes a strong and supportive academic environment conducive to students achieving the best results of which they are capable.

This is evidenced by the Grade Point Average of Cromwell College students each semester being consistently above 5.

Academic results are monitored, strong performers are recognized and students with academic difficulties are identified and offered advice and support.  All first year students are interviewed by the Dean of Students each semester and active follow up occurs if they are experiencing academic difficulties or if they are concerned about their choice of program.

An excellent tutorial program is offered at Cromwell College. For first year students, tutors can be either second, third, fourth or higher year Cromwell students who have achieved a Distinction or High Distinction in a relevant course. In addition, tutors can be alumni or professional people from beyond the College.

For students above first year, tutors are arranged on a supply and demand basis and are generally sourced externally if they cannot be sourced from within the College. This is because the specialization at more advanced levels in some courses makes the precise qualifications and experience of tutors integral to the value-add for the student, hence the need to search widely for the best fit.

The tutorial program is provided at no extra cost to students. There is a high degree of correlation between higher academic results and attendance at tutorials. The College pays the tutors, but this cost is built into student fees. All tutors keep written records of attendance at tutorials. It is very rare if a first year student chooses not to actively participate in the College tutorial program.

Academic support at Cromwell goes well beyond formal tutorials. Students form informal study groups which meet regularly and there is the advantage of being able to consult at times of difficulty with later year students from the same program. 

It is important to note that despite active support and intervention, Cromwell is an adult, residential community of tertiary students emerging as adults, not a school. Students are therefore encouraged and expected to take the initiative with their own academic progress, and to proactively seek out assistance at the College and at the University as soon as they feel that issues may be arising.

The Academic Dinner is a formal occasion held annually, where academic excellence is recognized and celebrated throughout the whole College.

Academic Prizes

Academic prizes are awarded annually at the Academic Dinner. Prizes are designed for University of Queensland students as they fit the faculty structure for the University of Queensland, but the Principal may award prizes to students who attend other Universities where it is appropriate to do so.

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Academic Dinner 2017

The annual Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 22 August. Guest Speaker was Mafico Nkosana who founded the Council for Young Africans Living Abroad, promoting future leaders and thinking. Mafico was accompanied by Archford Kahondo (Cromwell 2010-2011) who is currently a Project Manager. The Principal (Ross Switzer) welcomed everyone to the occasion, followed by the presentation of academic awards.

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Academic Dinner 2016

This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 23rd August with special guest Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex, who gave a very commanding speech to the students.

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Academic Dinner 2015

A highlight each year is the Academic Dinner which was held on Tuesday 25 August. The guest speaker for this year’s Academic Dinner was Professor Tamara Davis from the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland.

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Academic Dinner 2014

A highlight each year is the Academic Dinner. It was held on Tuesday 26 August.

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Academic Dinner 2013

A highlight each year is the Academic Dinner. It was held on Tuesday 20 August. For all of the great things that College life can bring 'academic excellence' sits at the top, as ultimately students are here to get a good degree.

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Academic Dinner 2012

This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 21 August 2012.

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Academic Dinner 2011

This year’s Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 23 August 2011.

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Academic Dinner 2010

The 2010 Cromwell College Academic Dinner was held on Tuesday 24 August at the College. Special guest speaker on the evening was Fred D’Agostino, Professor of Humanities and Associate Dean (Academic) Faculty of Arts, University of Queensland. A renowned philosopher and published author,

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